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Our mission

To nurture the potential of children and youth, regardless of their background.

Why we exist

Each individual deserves to grow holistically

Children and youth need support beyond formal education, to discover who they are and grow into confident individuals with skills to face everyday challenges.

But not every one of them gets access to a safe and nurturing environment, for reasons out of their control.

In the spirit of giving back to the community, EtonHouse International Education Group founded EtonHouse Community Fund to give vulnerable children and youth the support they need.

To apply for our support, contact us.



Nurturing young lives to their fullest

ECF invests in the heart of Singapore's future through initiatives that cultivate self-awareness, develop personal narratives and healthy relationships to strengthen our communities.

Our programmes focus on enhancing cognitive development, emotional well-being and future fitness. We categorise them under three pillars: "Glow", "Grow" and "Go".


Cognitive Development

Building a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy, creativity and motor skills is the stepping stone to a brighter future.

As children learn best through play, we hope to help them discover the joys of learning and develop these essential skills.

How we support Cognitive Development:
Teacher Everywhere™

We empower our volunteer teachers with the right skills to engage children through creative expression such as poems and music.


Emotional Well-being

Children and youth may struggle with understanding and expressing their feelings.

By aiding their development of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, we can help them regulate these emotions and grow from their experiences.

How we enhance Emotional Well-being:

We help participants develop their self-awareness and emotional intelligence while building their resilience through a healthy mind.


Future Fitness

With strong mental and physical fitness, children can actively participate in activities and live life fully.

We aim to build resilience through a healthy body and mind so that they can be at their strongest and fittest in the future.

How we strengthen Future Fitness:
Care for Diabetic Children

In partnership with KKH Health Fund, we sponsor Glucose Monitoring Systems to make it easy and painless for diabetic children to test their glucose levels.


Get to know the people who drive our cause

We’ve come this far with the help of our staff, volunteers and partners. Learn more about them.

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“We are appreciative of EtonHouse Community Fund’s spirit of generosity, which allows the hospital to provide enhanced holistic care for our paediatric and adolescent patients with diabetes.”

Clinical Associate Professor Fabian Yap, Head and Senior Consultant, Paediatric Endocrinology Service, KKH who is overseeing the programme