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Home learning kits and books for Covid-19 make local news

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Published on 17 Feb 2020

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The Straits Times reported on efforts by pre-schools and ECF to encourage learning from home during the pandemic.

EtonHouse Community Fund (ECF) developed Home learning kits to serve a great purpose during this period. It is fundamental in bridging the learning gap between school and home. The Straits Times has shared an article on how attendance across pre-schools has been affected by the virus with self-imposed quarantines and leave of absence. As such, ECF has developed at-home kits for children across our E-Bridge pre-schools, EtonHouse schools and even NTUC First Campus’ pre-schools.


These sets that were delivered to the children’s homes included materials that provide integrated learning experiences in literacy, arts, numeracy etc. We are glad that ECF is able to give these children a meaningful learning experience to continue their learning at home.


ECF was also featured in Channel News Asia 'Stronger-The Battle Against Covid-19' which captures the story of how we are fighting the virus with resilience and kindness.


Watch the CNA documentary film here.


Access the full ST news article here.

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